Art of Craft Handcrafted Herbal Wellness Teas

These teas have a shelf life of 7 years.

These Herbal tea blends do not contain any actual tea leaves, which makes them caffeine free 😉


PLEASE NOTE that we have different quantities and logistics of different herbs coming off the land, each blend is mixed according to the properties of the plants, in specific dosages. THIS MAKES YOUR TEA UNIQUE, meaning ingredients may vary.


Contents properties assist in boosting and maintenance of the immune system, and digestion. Very rich in antioxidants. This is an excellent cup of tea, and I have used this recipe since 2010 during any flu or sinus related issues. I add a bit of turmeric, ginger, cayenne, honey and a slice of lemon as and when needed. I have used it more regularly during covid times, and have not had covid.


Contents properties relieve indigestion and cramping. Assist digestion. This is a blend that can be more beneficial if enjoyed 30 minutes before or after any meal. Alternatively, you can enjoy this tea any time of day, even as an ice tea.


Contents properties improve blood circulation, memory brain function and concentration. This is an excellent tea to take along in a flask or as an ice tea on long journeys, hikes or during trying times at the office or in the classroom. Your children will thank you for helping them focus and study as well.


Contents properties assist blood circulation and purification. Assist in the release of pressure, tension, stress and tightness in the body. This tea is a calming blend, which can help you de-stress, relieve a small headache, assist in sleeping better and it tastes absolutely amazing.

Wild Cherry

Contents properties assist the body in maintaining metabolism. Assists in reducing inflammation, managing weight and is rich in anti-oxidants. Young and old enjoy this blend both hot or cold.

Forest Berry

Contents properties are rich in anti- oxidants, assist in weight management and reducing inflammation. Young and old enjoy this blend both hot and cold.


Specialitea blends are blends made on request, for clients who do not wish to have a consultation. E.G A lymphatic drainage tea, a period pain tea, a headache tea, or orders of single herbs. Often people just want to detox, or try something other than pills or expensive therapies. If this sounds like your cup of tea, why not contact me, Netanya, for a Specialitea? 072 146 9017

If you are a retailer, restaurant owner or zero waste store, these are excellent products to add to your range. Please contact me Netanya 072 146 9017

Chill out and have a cup of tea a day, to keep that doctor away… maybe it was not an apple in fact an infusion of apple 😉 HERE IS WHY…

Viitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in many herbs have been proven to provide many short and long term health benefits. These teas provide a great alternative to the usual sugary, caffeinated drinks, with a great taste and natural boost to your day or night e.g used as an aperitif or as a digestif.

Art of Craft Handcrafted Herbal Wellness Teas are mixed with love and intuitive guidance, and an ever-growing knowledge of herbalism, so that anyone can enjoy the long term benefits of the use of these teas.

Each blend is based on intuitive knowledge and experience. The main benefit of any such tea is to promote better health, even when you are not sick. Herbal teas assist in bringing the whole body into harmony to reinforce preventative measures before you get sick, if you are sick and after you have healed.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between these teas and teas prepared and sold by Herbalists?

As a Herbalist I offer an individual a private consultation to determine specific herbs and dosages and create teas, tinctures and capsules accordingly. In such cases it is recommended that a different tea blend be used every 14 days, if the use of one tea blend should continue 3 -5 times a day for longer than 14 days.

Art of Craft Handcrafted Herbal Wellness Teas are blended in dosages that are safe for everyone.

Art of Craft takes pride in supporting local farmers and community growing certified herbs. This support ensures the freshest teas one can find on the market, often only dry for 30 days. Each tea blend is based on the properties of the ingredients used, the ingredients may vary according to season and availability in the surrounding areas.