Herbs in Bulk


  1. A large variety of different herbs (enough to make hundreds of your own blends)

2. Naturally and organically grown in permaculture gardens, small city farms and villages in Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

3. Your purchase supports local farmers and growers, as Art of Craft strives to achieve a production and supply of locally grown co-operative produce which is used in the herbal teas, and sold separately in bulk of 500g and up.

4. Each herb has been hand-harvested, air dried and packaged by hand.

5. Quality is not negotiable.

6. Tried and tested since 2012.

7. Regular postal service or courier service offered.

8. The list of herbs differs monthly, and can be obtained by sending me, Netanya, an email and requesting it nntreasure@gmail.com

The Art of Craft Herbal Tea range can be purchased packaged or in bulk directly on this site.

We are constantly on the move at various markets around Johannesburg, and aim to distribute more teas into different markets, creating jobs, learning opportunities and social development into our communitiea, as we grow together.