Aloyisa triphylla – Lemon Verbena

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Lemon Verbena – Aloysia triphylla  has aromatic and astringent properties.  It is useful in treatment of bronchial and nasal congestion.  Lemon verbena is known to relieve indigestion, flatulence and stomach cramps, and it is a natural aid for weight loss.

Lemon verbena is rich in melatonin, a hormone in our bodies that increases in the evenings and causes us to become sleepy.  It is therefore an excellent tea before bedtime, especially if you struggle to fall asleep or sleep right through the night.

Lemon verbena tea is made with 1 – 2 teaspoon dried leaves, add 1 cup boiling water and let it brew for 3 – 5 minutes, remove the teabag or strain.  Enjoy your tea.